Credence Leisenfaust

Female Teifling Fighter


At nearly 6 feet, Credence is tall, especially for a woman. Her fiendish features only enhance her already attractive humanoid figure. Her smooth horns sit well atop her neatly-kept medium length deep red hair. Her left eye is a deep emerald green while her right eye, as well as the deep scar, glow a fiery red and do little to detract from her looks. Her breath is accompanied by trails of steam that add to her mystique. Her last notable physical feature is her tail, moderately long, sleek red, with a crest near the tip.
Credence’s favored attire consists of a polished dark iron colored suit of armor with gold trim and flowing blood red accoutrements. Her signature accessory is her ornate broad fullblade, Aurunex, that is just barely taller than herself from point to pommel. She is seldom seen without it.


Credence was born to a lesser noble house in Westcrown. As a tiefling, the Leisenfausts feared that Credence’s existence would show weakness to their rivals and their social footing was already shaky. The Leisenfausts quickly decided to abandon the infant in a shady side of town and claimed a miscarriage to their neighbors. Meanwhile, a pseudosympathetic official of a small-time crime organization saw the nobles from the shadows and saw to raising the girl to work as a street rat. She was nominally skilled at stealing from the odd passerby and eluding authorities, what she excelled at was astonishingly enough wielding a large stick that was massive for her size and on more than one occasion gave her an out when she was cornered.
Credence eventually matured with the gift of exceptional looks and a silver tongue. She took to the tactic of flirting with potential targets. After leading the infatuated mark to a designated location she would give them a once over upside their head with the flat of a massive blade then grab and run. However she was on her own again, as unwanted advances by fellow thieves had caused her to take off to the streets again. However, before leaving she stole the guild’s trophy, a functional and beautiful but cumbersomely large blade which she felt the organization owed her. While there she was witness to and nearly a victim of several senseless acts of violence. Eventually, when eying a significant mark, an adventurous young noble man, her target violently set upon her with a dagger as she addressed him, right in the middle of the street. She called to nearby constables who glanced at the situation and ignored her plea. She got away long enough to lead the man on a chase to her hidden blade. Once reunited with her trusty trophy blade she quickly dropped the aggressive suitor, took everything he had, which included a modest sum of coin and some papers, and went into hiding. She survived the encounter but not wholly in one piece, the right side of her face had received a grievous wound and she lost sight in that eye.
Using the papers and some contacts to do some digging on the wayward noble Credence identified him as Harrold Leisenfaust, apparently her younger half-brother. This whole ordeal was the final straw on a straining tolerance for the chaos and depravity of the underworld. Using the stolen coin Credence better outfitted herself and fled the city and the country. Embracing the ideals of the light, Credence is determined to bring right to the world and possibly back to Westcrown.

Credence Leisenfaust

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